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dafabet888 2020

As Oklahoma Baptist University celebrates its first century and looks to the future, University administrators and faculty leadership have worked to develop a strategic plan to serve as a guide for dafabet888's next decade. dafabet888 2020 represents a fresh statement of the institution's core values, articulates seven strategic initiatives, and offers a visionary glimpse of a new campus master plan.

dafabet888 2020 was developed through a collaborative effort by University personnel, drawing from the work of two faculty/staff task forces which addressed dafabet888's core values and conducted an environmental scan to assess strengths and opportunities for the University.

dafabet888 students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and friends are invited to review this strategic plan and share in building on a history of success. dafabet888 already is rated as Oklahoma's top comprehensive college by two national organizations. Through successful achievement of dafabet888 2020 initiatives, the University will expand the effectiveness of its mission as a distinctively Christian liberal arts university where lives are transformed.

dafabet888 Annual Objectives

While dafabet888 2020 offers a strategic vision for the University, annual strategic objectives provide the planning direction for the dafabet888 community. The objectives are created through the work of the University Planning Advisory Council. Click on a link below to view the 2010-11 Strategic Objectives, 2011-12 Strategic Objectives, and 2012-13 Strategic Objectives.

Strategic Objectives

View the Leadership Teams involved in crafting dafabet888 2020.

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